Collect Candy Hearts to Win Sweet Prizes!

We love our members and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show it with a sweet new event in Amazing World!

Collect Candy Hearts around Amazing World right now to win some Valentine-themed prizes that will win your heart! So what are you waiting for?

Play now!

25 Responses to Collect Candy Hearts to Win Sweet Prizes!

  1. Ninjabon says:

    This looks really fun. However, at Halloween, I started getting -595 of the special things you collect. It’s been happening ever since. No Valentine’s items for me this year. :’( ~Sprinkleistcap

  2. Sodacheery says:

    Aww am not going to be be able to collect those in time :( -Sodacheery

  3. Sodacheery says:

    Isn’t the couch from the webkinz february pet of the month PSI?

  4. Boombotaboom_4 says:

    I would like to report a problem that has been happening for a long time. This might just be for mobile users, but the enhance option on the crafting desk hasn’t worked for me in a long time. Maybe three months or more. I asked my friend who also uses a mobile device to play, and she says that it doesn’t work for her either. Please fix! Thank you

  5. Sodacheery says:

    I can’t play amazing world. Can you not enable npapi on Chrome OS anymore? Is there another way to play amazing world?

  6. dudeman17 says:

    I am wondering.. Has anyone traded their Easter Eggs for prizes? Did you cash in for the 1oo egg prizes? What did you win? I have cashed in 3 so far and EVERY time I won “lots of materials”. When I played the hearts and every other collector games I always got a different item from each category that I clicked on. I am wondering if there is a programing issue that makes it only stop on the “lots of materials” every time.

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