Cosmic Tag!

There’s a new craze taking over the galaxy!

Have you tried playing tag in outer space yet? It’s easy. First play Cosmo’s story to unlock the Lunar Launcher. Then go to the Super Snack section of the World Shop and buy a Tag Treat.


The next thing you need to do is click on Cosmo’s Lunar Launcher to prepare for a mission launch. Finally right before you blastoff, drag the Tag Treat onto your Zing to begin the tag game.


Once you and your team arrive in outer space you’ll be ready to collect Cosmic Crystals and play space-tag at the very same time!

68 Responses to Cosmic Tag!

  1. akiva2013 says:

    mech a nix can be played by non members if you log in on the 25th

  2. megaAbsol says:

    OMG I would never thought of that Ganz :) thanks for telling AW players.I will try it out next time I go on AW. I LOVE AW!!!!!!!!!-Sprinkleinberry :)

  3. megaAbsol says:

    I tried it a lot IT IS FUN -Sprinkleinberry :)

  4. megaAbsol says:

    Btw I love playing tag but I don’t have coins to buy a tag treat because I spend it all on furniture and clothes :) LOL -Sprinkleinberry

  5. megaAbsol says:

    Oh and I need to get more of them because IM OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Sprinkleinberry :)

  6. megaAbsol says:

    COOL BTW.Sprinkleinberry :)

  7. megaAbsol says:

    Btw I can’t stop playing tag once I start it it is just so cool :) -Sprinkleinberry :)

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