Design-a-Pet Winner Revealed


Amazing World Newz is very excited to announce that the winner of the Design-a-Pet contest has been revealed in Amazing World!


If you look around your Home Zone you will see the brand new pet flying around the birdhouse. You can also win the new pet’s favorite food by completing two goals for Cannoli.


The goals will appear on the right side of your screen. The goals are called “New Pet Food Recipe” part 1 and 2. Each goal is really easy to spot because all you have to do is click on the picture of Cannoli’s face!


As soon as you complete part 2 of the goal, Cannoli will reward you with a bag of the new pet’s favorite food! Then just drag the pet food from your dock onto your Zing to call over the new pet!


You can also buy bags of pet food in the “Super Snack” section of the World Shop anytime you want!


Finally, the Amazing World art team would like to let all of our fans know that they were blown away by all of the creative entries and they hope that all of you will enter our next design contest!

52 Responses to Design-a-Pet Winner Revealed

  1. Isabellapagan says:

    Sooooooooooooooo Cute!Congrats to the winner! Sugarfuzzrings

  2. baughoo says:

    The curly won! Cool and great Job! Anyone know the name of the zing that won?I want to see the zing they got! :D ~Pixie wooturner~

  3. Bubblepuppy061223 says:


  4. cutecute says:

    who won? i wanna meet them cause ill have proof since they have a GOLDEN ZING!!!! im Silvdedale aka Fuzzquizzbreeze and if the golden zing is a rumor WHO WON??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? -Silvdedale

  5. Haileyisawesome says:


  6. Wishtuli says:

    Awesome! congrats to the winner!

  7. Stripedeedlebee4ever says:

    AWESOME!!! FINALLY you chose a winner i think curls is cute. :D

  8. baughoo says:

    If anyone knows who the zing that won is, Please do tell. I would love to meet them! ~Pixie wooturner~ And Hi sugar! :D

  9. ArtMagician says:

    I didn’t win, but Curls is so cute! Congratulations to the winner! You did an awesome job! ~Rambberpounder~

  10. huskiesarecute says:

    omg curls is adorable love it but who won??

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