Destination Space Station


Recently on Amazing World Newz we showed you how to get a fully upgraded Enchanted Castle for your Home Zone.


Now it’s time to check out one of the other super homes you can buy from Brick’s Shop! That home is of course… The Space Station!


Here’s how you can get one:


Step 1: Find Cosmo and Drone!  

Cosmo crashed his spaceship into Spring Bay. If you follow the smoke you should see Cosmo and Drone standing beside their wreck.


Step 2: Play Cosmo’s Story

Once you complete the Cosmo story “UFO Sighting” you’ll unlock the Space Station in Brick’s Shop!


Step 3: Play Brick’s Story!

Brick needs a junior carpenter to help him start his own workshop. If you haven’t done it already, help Brick and complete his story to unlock Brick’s shop!


Step 4: Buy a Space Station!

Brick’s Shop is directly in front of him. Just click on it to start shopping! Choose the Space Station and buy it!


Step 5: Upgrade your Space Station!

After you choose a spot in your Home Zone and place your Space Station you can start upgrading. Simply stand in front of your new home and click the blue edit button on the top of your screen. Then click the “Upgrade House” button that’s just above your dock. The upgrade button looks like a blue house with a green plus sign on it.


Just like with the Enchanted Castle, Brick can help you upgrade your Space Station twice. Each time you upgrade you’ll see it get bigger and more high-tech!

47 Responses to Destination Space Station

  1. PrincessAnna says:

    I had a spaceship once-I like the castle better though lol! ~petalfelfur

  2. baughoo says:

    Hahaha Very funny..I can’t afford this either! LOL ~Pixie wooturner~

  3. 77777 says:

    i have got a fully upgraded space station! and it’s awesome! i love the thing where you cant teleport :D

    • bffsrock says:

      wait were do you get it at, sorry I’m a new player

      • kittiesarecute says:

        Bffsrock, you can get that space station from brick, after you complete Cosmo’s first quest called, “UFO sighting”. (You should be able to unlock Crystal Caper, as well as the Space Station house. Basically, you get the space station from Brick. Happy exploring!! ~Sweetilshine~ and/or ~Moonloriapaws~ : D ;) -Mrgreen- hopefully it works this way lol

      • cutecute says:

        hi bffsrock as you see at the top of the page there is directions of how to get one first complete cosmos quests (ufo sighting) then complete bricks story to unlock it in his shop but you must have 9,000 AW coins then if you want to upgrade it click on the blue home icon in editing mode outside and upgrade it but you will need 10,000 coins to upgrade it then when you get 12,000 coins you can upgrade it again and then it will be fully upgraded! hope i helped! sincerely, ~Silvdedale~ :D

      • webkinzrockz131 says:

        Brick’s place is up by a hill over by draper.

  4. cutecute says:

    oh btw sorry that this wasnt bout the article but i have a space station and castle cool right? i love the teleporters :D -Silvdedale

  5. Wishtuli says:

    I once had a fully upgraded SPace Station (actually more like, 5), and i had a friend, Wishbowette, she really loved it. I currently have: One fully upgraded Enchanted Castle, One one-roomed Space Station, and Two two-roomed Hilltop Homes…… :mrgreen:

  6. Kassey7889 says:

    I don’t have it yet. but I have upgraded my enchanted castle once. gonna upgrade it twice when I can afford it~ in amazing world PrettyAnimals in webkinz Kassey7889.

  7. tinygma says:

    I HAVE THIS !!! PROBLEM IS I wish the land was larger for putting stuff at home outside. I never have enough space .

  8. AmazingSugar says:

    I also have this house fully upgraded!(Sugarfuzzrings)

  9. adidogs123 says:

    What I like about this space station are the teleporters! :D ~Brownie Sparklebuttons x

  10. BallerinaKiki says:

    I have one fully upgraded Hilltop Home and one almost fully upgraded space station. Saving for final upgrade… then getting a castle :) -Gray & Stitches

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