Do You Have Rune’s Hat?

Today on Amazing World Newz we’re journeying deep into the mysterious caverns beneath Spring Bay as we hunt for… Rune’s Hat!


Now of course Rune’s Hat isn’t actually buried beneath Spring Bay but that’s where you need to go if you want to win one. Rune is hoping to open her own museum one day so she is always looking for Zings to help her dig for legendary treasures.


If you find a legendary treasure and bring it to Rune she’ll reward you with a special prize from the “Treasure Finder” collection. And one of those possible prizes is… Rune’s Hat!


You’re going to have to find something pretty spectacular to convince Rune to give you her Hat so start digging today! Just click on Rune to begin. Remember, you’ll also need Rune’s Hat to complete the “Treasure Finder” collection and win Rune’s Hammock.


If you do win Rune’s Hat please let us know! So far nobody from Amazing World Newz has been lucky enough to get one.

95 Responses to Do You Have Rune’s Hat?

  1. littleprincessannie says:

    I got runes hat 1 year ago! How come it’s so rare? ~Jubilee Rootlind

  2. Spirituswing says:

    I got three yesterday. I need her vest! If anyone has it, and can trade it to me, please friend me and I will invite you to my home zone and give you lots of money/presents!

  3. ArtMagician says:

    I got Rune’s Hat as one of my first prizes from treasure hunting! I don’t know if I’ve got it since, so beginner’s luck I guess, :lol: :D ~Rambberpounder~

  4. littleprincessannie says:

    Something freaky happened.. I was playing on top of Botancial Gardens to get coins from the pet and then i saw something shiny.. I stepped in it and got teleported on top of Cosmo’s ship in one of the engines! I wonder if there are more portals..

  5. huskiesarecute says:

    i got it like a year ago to!-Happysingmiddle

  6. Stripedeedlebee4ever says:

    I have all of the rune items, and they are awesome! :D

  7. Stripedeedlebee4ever says:

    Including the hat.

  8. 02012003 says:

    I didn’t know they were that rare. I have two Rune hats. ~Cakedeetail

  9. Sailormoonforever says:

    Got it about a month ago-wait no in May or June and good luck getting the hat everyone! ~silvanheart

    • Fuzzquizzbreeze4ever says:

      i got it in maybe…oh idk september last year? october? november? december? christmas? oh idk LOL -Fuzzquizzbreeze -ps my first account was Sunflower ODunes i used to sign as Sunflower ODunes on my other account cutecute idk if any of you saw that but back on that account i won the hat; i havent treasure hunted lately on fuzz, may try to get some time in to soon!

  10. grocla says:

    I love to dig up for Rune daily and I have more hats!!!When we will be able to level up ???-Dew Loperunner!

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