Do You Have Rune’s Hat?

Today on Amazing World Newz we’re journeying deep into the mysterious caverns beneath Spring Bay as we hunt for… Rune’s Hat!


Now of course Rune’s Hat isn’t actually buried beneath Spring Bay but that’s where you need to go if you want to win one. Rune is hoping to open her own museum one day so she is always looking for Zings to help her dig for legendary treasures.


If you find a legendary treasure and bring it to Rune she’ll reward you with a special prize from the “Treasure Finder” collection. And one of those possible prizes is… Rune’s Hat!


You’re going to have to find something pretty spectacular to convince Rune to give you her Hat so start digging today! Just click on Rune to begin. Remember, you’ll also need Rune’s Hat to complete the “Treasure Finder” collection and win Rune’s Hammock.


If you do win Rune’s Hat please let us know! So far nobody from Amazing World Newz has been lucky enough to get one.

94 Responses to Do You Have Rune’s Hat?

  1. Mayisthebest says:

    I had it, then I sold it, now I want it back. :(

  2. Schatzie says:

    I have the whole collection of Runes items plus the Runes hammock and Runes hat! I hope everyone else has a chance to get one! – kracker rollycircle

  3. adidogs123 says:

    I have it! :D ~Brownie Sparklebuttons x

  4. roland22 says:

    Yes I have Rune’s Hat and Hammock. And some “Treasure” for Rune’s Museum. Roland22

  5. pandalover10 says:

    I have all the collection of “Treasure Finder” including Rune’s hat btw Good Luck to everyone! :D ~Coral Heatleby

  6. Bubblepuppy061223 says:

    hmmm i have never got it before but ill try getting it

  7. puppy234 says:

    i have it-starsingsheer

  8. Gabriela2001 says:

    i got Rune’s hat from a long time ago :P

  9. 15pounder says:

    I have two runes hats….. I had three but I sold one :)

  10. Wishtuli says:

    How many portals are there?

    • kittiesarecute says:

      I can only think of two portals, On the Botanical Garden roof, and in Mech-a-Nix Mayhem, but idk if there are more portals… To Wishtuli, from Sweetilshine :) :mrgreen:

      • Fuzzquizzbreeze4ever says:

        in space chase if you have jumping beans on you can jump really high like in the rest of the space games and also you can jump onto one of the islands in there and there would be a purple cloud or something like that and you would get five coins i dont think thats a portal but its pretty cool :’) -Fuzzquizzbreeze

    • Fuzzquizzbreeze4ever says:

      im not sure Wishtuli but i know that in Mech-a-Nix Mayhem there are yellow portals that take you to the laser, but its members only now, :( but im a member now :) -Fuzzquizzbreeze -ps i know bout the portal on the roof in Botanical Gardens

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