Do You Have Your Castle Yet?


Today on Amazing World Newz we’re talking castles! More importantly, we’re going to tell you how you can get your very own Enchanted Castle!


Here’s how you can make that fairy tale come true:


Step 1: Find Princess Talia!

Princess Talia has landed her airship in Spring Bay. If you walk past the playground into Big Fields Forever you’re bound to spot her.


Step 2: Play Princess Talia’s Story

Once you help out Princess Talia by playing through her story she will reward you by unlocking the Enchanted Castle in Brick’s Shop!


Step 3: Play Brick’s Story!

Brick needs a junior carpenter to help him start his own workshop. If you help Brick and complete his story you will unlock Brick’s shop!


Step 4: Buy an Enchanted Castle!

Brick’s Shop is directly in front of him. Just click on it to start shopping! Choose the Enchanted Castle and buy it!


Step 5: Upgrade your Enchanted Castle!

Once you choose a good spot, drag your Enchanted Castle from your dock into your Home Zone. Now you’re ready to start upgrading!


Simply stand in front of your castle and click the blue edit button on the top of your screen. Then click the “Upgrade House” button that’s just above your dock. The upgrade button looks like a blue house with a green plus sign on it.


Brick can help you upgrade your Enchanted Castle twice. Each time you upgrade you’ll see your castle get bigger and even more enchanted!


Start your enchanted journey today!

43 Responses to Do You Have Your Castle Yet?

  1. NANCYDREW1 says:

    Yup! i upgraded my castle… it’s my favorite out of all the houses. Talia is one of my favorite characters in spring bay- i love her stuff!!! – Mango Wordford

  2. baughoo says:

    Iv’e been in my friends castle, REALLY neat! …though I never could afford my own, congrats to those who can! ~Pixie wooturner~

    • kittiesarecute says:

      hi pixie its me sweetilshine!!!! :D i have my own castle but only upgraded it once. ive been in one that was fully upgraded with a slide and everything. it was AMAZING, i tell you, AMAZING!! ~Sweetilshine~ and/or ~Moonloriapaws~

    • Bubblepuppy061223 says:

      Hi Pixie Im Muffy Tressalate Remember Lilly Has This Castle~Muffy Tressalate

  3. PrincessAnna says:

    I got one! Btw I’m petal lol! ~petalfelfur and hi mango! :)

  4. Wishtuli says:

    what type of zing is that in the picture? its super cute!

  5. moonbeam7737 says:

    Yes! I use it for my cover photo. I thought Talia’s castle was hard to get around in at first but now, with practice, I love it and all her prizes. Thanks Amazing World

  6. Stripedeedlebee4ever says:

    Yes! i have a fully upgraded castle. but i would like it if there were more upgrades. because amazing world is just getting kinda boring. because they have not updated anything in days :/ i hope they will announce the winner of the design a pet contest soon! :D

  7. Berrylybleeny says:

    How many houses are there total my friend said 4

  8. mazziypaziy says:

    i like seeing the newz :D

  9. adidogs123 says:

    I have a fully upgraded one and I might get another castle next time. ;) ~Brownie Sparklebuttons x

  10. webkinzrockz131 says:

    I finished my castle a wile ago and my favorite part is my hidden slide! – Lilyandog <3

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