An Amazing World!

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Amazing World is a free-to-play multiplayer online game from Ganz Studios, the makers of WebkinzTM!  Perfect for children 6+, players will discover cool quests, hilarious characters, awesome prizes, and unlimited opportunities to let their creativity run wild!
Dress your Zing, decorate your home, play with friends and make the world even more amazing!

You can play for free, or become a member to receive these awesome benefits:

  • Play with all the colorful characters in the Spring Bay, each with their own exciting adventure!
  • Access all the amazing items in the World Shop to dress your Zing and decorate your characters home inside and out with cool items!
  • Enjoy no restrictions on how many friends you can make and send personal messages to your friends!
  • Exclusive game goals, outfits and more!

So what are you waiting for?  Head over to to sign up and start playing!

83 Responses to An Amazing World!

  1. adventurekinz says:

    I would love to check it out sometime soon.

  2. Jorden says:

    This looks so cool and goofy. I might join!

  3. Zoe says:

    can’t wait to play

  4. marinay says:

    is beutiful i can play

    • Oelvie says:

      Works well! It is not obvious, thuogh. Will new users know to click on the yellow bubble or time stamp?Within the thread itself, perhaps you can put the same yellow bubble next to the title of the thread to keep things consistent? Maybe a yellow bubble with a down arrow?

  5. Sarah says:

    i want ot play

  6. Emily says:

    play right now

    • robinsal says:

      How do you play right now then? And how do you know how to get on there did you steal a code or something because if you did its fine ,but could you tell me please?or else I won’t be able to play anything so where do you go ?

  7. jennifer says:

    why do you have to download it ? i want to play, but i dont feel comfortable downloading the game on to my new computer. i think that if you didnt have to download it , it would be more populaire

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