NEW: Hamster Tubes & Balls!

A couple of years ago, Mazin’ Hamsters closed down in Webkinz World. While we at Ganz – and many Webkinz players – were sad to see them go, we weren’t ready to say goodbye. So we began work on a new home for Mazin’Hamsters!
We are excited to announce that Mazin’ Hamster Tubes and Balls have been introduced into Amazing World! This fun course that lets you race against other players is the first of what we hope will be several features from Mazin’Hamsters to be incorporated into Amazing World. Stay tuned as we add more Mazin’ Hamsters features to Amazing World in the future.


Did you know that creating an Amazing World account is FREE and that players have always been able to adopt their Hamsters in BOTH Webkinz and Amazing World? Plus – this wacky course is open to ALL characters in Amazing World, so you can race with the Zing or Hamster if your choosing!


So… what are you waiting for? Head over to Amazing World now and HAVE A BALL!


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  1. IndigoZap says:

    Cool! I already got mine! I really miss Mazin’ Hamsters! I’m glad Webkinz is doing something about it!!!! Oh and Ganz, I got 2 Webkinz hamsters in 2011 or 10. I got them from the e-store. The e-mail and code online to it is gone.

  2. PixelTrix says:

    This is great! I’ve really enjoyed playing the mazes for a few days. However, as I’m sure you’re aware, there are many glitches making it hard to play (In example: Players being able to run before the time starts, players having trouble getting in the tubes, players getting sent back to the start when they reach the finish line, and a lot of people can’t play the game on Mobile). It would be nice, if you would try to fix these bugs before you start adding more things. I am so excited for more Mazin’ Hamsters features, and it’s cool we can use Zings in the mazes! We can even drive cars in there!

  3. PixelTrix says:

    I also meant to mention that a few friends and I have made up a list of features we would appriciate seeing in the future! :)
    -The feature to build your own hamster mazes, then race other people in them
    -A public world like Spring Bay, merging the three (four, counting the entrance) worlds in Mazin’ Hamsters (or, you could make portals we buy with eStore points that lead to those worlds!)
    -The rest of the MH minigames (Key Kraze, Moolah Mountain, etc.)
    -More Hamster Ball Run levels (And bug fixes, or course X3)
    Hope to see these suggestiosn fulfilled someday! :) -Sugaries/Willow Heartbreak

  4. avastak says:

    Hello zings! Forgot who I am, eh? It’s pine!!!!!! I just want to apologize for not being on aw for a month. My schoolwork went down :( but, i will try to be on asap!! I dunno what this update is about but if u see me in aw, ask me if I know the update bc I might know after this. Goodbye and have a wonderful day!! -Pinecalshivers (aka, Ava)

  5. dmtig says:

    This is Very Nice However. I would REALLY LOVE the return of Mazin Hamsters to Webkinz World.
    I click on the icon on my map from time to time in hopes it will return.
    Maybe someday?? PLEASE!!

  6. Boombotaboom_4 says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else want amazing world to bring back the Hamlet zones from mazin hamsters? (Forest, lagoon, mountain) that would be so awesome. I think ganz should really consider this. Thanks!

    • PixelTrixies says:

      I do!! I especially miss the lagoon. It would be cool if they made them public zones, like Spring Bay, but expansions would be nice too :)

      • Boombotaboom_4 says:

        I totally agree PixelTrixies! That would be sooo awesome if there were more zones like spring bay. I don’t think it would be that cool if it was a portal because there isn’t that much to explore in my opinion, but if it was about the size of spring bay I would be so excited!!! My favorite was the lagoon. Please please please Ganz!

  7. pinkiepiefrog says:

    When you add more Mazin Hamsters stuff to aw, can you add all the challenge zones and stuff again? They were really fun and i can’t stop thinking about how amazing it would be to play it again. Also, to the Hamster Ball Run, those green things that make you go up, always make me change direction and it’s really annoying, so please deal with that.

  8. adbevsch says:

    Yay!!! this is so exiting!! i havent been playing AW for a while, but im so glad to be back and see the new updates! while im here, is there anyway my golden zing can be fixed? Im Lillyastacker, and I know that ganz helped make my zing gold and nit brown but its just flat colors. Thanks for helping with that ;) i understand if you cant change it but itd really help. -Lillyastacker

  9. adbevsch says:

    Hi im Lillyastacker and i was wondering if there was a chance you could bring the off limits glitch back?? ya ya i know that no game developer wants glitches but i miss being off limits!!! whos with me?! -Lillyastacker ;)

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