NEW: Hamster Tubes & Balls!

A couple of years ago, Mazin’ Hamsters closed down in Webkinz World. While we at Ganz – and many Webkinz players – were sad to see them go, we weren’t ready to say goodbye. So we began work on a new home for Mazin’Hamsters!
We are excited to announce that Mazin’ Hamster Tubes and Balls have been introduced into Amazing World! This fun course that lets you race against other players is the first of what we hope will be several features from Mazin’Hamsters to be incorporated into Amazing World. Stay tuned as we add more Mazin’ Hamsters features to Amazing World in the future.


Did you know that creating an Amazing World account is FREE and that players have always been able to adopt their Hamsters in BOTH Webkinz and Amazing World? Plus – this wacky course is open to ALL characters in Amazing World, so you can race with the Zing or Hamster if your choosing!


So… what are you waiting for? Head over to Amazing World now and HAVE A BALL!


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  1. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:


  2. hlb says:

    Hi Aw Fans …Westerumvar Here…This Saturday at noon there will be A Racer Party My Zone ..Everyone is Welcome So Be sure to come Bring your Car And Bananas Should be lots of Fun ..No car come join if anything to chat with Friends and have fun….have any questions…ask MazefuzzFlower, Partyintime,Zingkeyes,Cuddles,Rosesundocho for any info…Hope Everyone will Enjoy ….

  3. chickcheek06 says:

    when i tried this it had no bugs or glitches so i think they got that fixed plus i agree that we should get the off limits glitch back because it gave a lot more things to do at your home zone and if you want to friend me on AW my is thimblevestsnort ~ Chickcheek06

  4. loveleperd says:

    its been years since i had tg gone and wish i could use them on amazeing world he codes to my hamsters (i have them on my webkinz acount ) but my codes are long gone

  5. Boombotaboom_4 says:

    I have a suggestion to make this hamster game even more fun to play, let’s be honest… you don’t get many coins from playing it. Probably 20 or less. I think it would be a good idea if instead of this game giving you silver coins, it would give you gold! I also have one other idea, have you ever heard of Mario Kart? It’s a racing game. In it you can have power ups, I think it would be cool if in the tubes there were power ups. I think that it would make this game a lot more fun. Does anyone agree?

    • wellumch says:

      Mhm. This would be good. I used to do Crystal Caper a lot before Hamster Ball Run came out, and it gave you a LOT of gold coins. But Hamster Ball Run only gives you a few silver. -Rolllycircle

  6. UNITED3000 says:

    Does anyone know when Twinkle’s shop will open back up? It’s been closed for quite a while now! I really need to get a few more items from her shop for my Zing’s house. :)

  7. wellumch says:

    Hey guys! If anyone remembers me(Rolllycircle) I haven’t been on very much because I started playing another game, and then I joined a group on that game and I’ve been very busy basically. I’ll probably come on for another update or just when I’m bored(XD!). Yeah so, any who, cya! -Rolllycircle

  8. bubbashuka says:

    Where do I find the course? I am new to amazing world and it’s hard to find things! I miss ‘mazin hamsters so much.

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