Put Your Fish on Display!


Today on Amazing World Newz we’re talking about aquariums! Many of our fans already have put their fish on display in their Home Zone but we know there are also plenty of new players who may not know how. Well don’t worry because we’ll explain it right now!

The very first thing you need to do is talk to Bobbin and Sinker. Once you finish playing their story you’ll be ready to start fishing. Then go out and catch some fish!


When you’re done fishing it’s time to start shopping! There are many different types of aquariums for sale in Sinker’s Shop. To begin shopping just click on Sinker’s tackle box beside his boat to open his Shop. Don’t forget that each aquarium can hold a different amount of fish.


After you’ve bought an aquarium it’s time to go to your Home Zone. To place your aquarium you just need to drag it from your dock into your yard.


Once you’ve placed your aquarium in your yard click “Done” on the top of your screen to close decorate mode.


Now click on the aquarium. The camera will zoom in and all of your fish will appear in your dock.

Choose the fish you want to put on display and drag it from your dock into the aquarium. Then click done.


Your fish will now be swimming happily around your aquarium! Why not go to Spring Bay and invite a friend over to see your catch?

51 Responses to Put Your Fish on Display!

  1. puppy234 says:

    how do you get that bowl

  2. notradtoday says:

    cool but i already knew that why because I’ve caught all the fish in the game and ps since i a nice guy every won is wondering if you can catch steve in the river and yes you can thats the only place you can catch him in so good luck

    • Fuzzquizzbreeze4ever says:

      really? everyone knows bout this im guessing they need something to talk bout so everyones not bored out of their minds lol also puppy234 you get that fishbowl when you get the following: 1. Princess Ruby Fish 2. Golden Shark of Destiny 3. Mystery Fish (only known as Steve!) and then a pop up will come up on your screen that says you have completed a collection! and then you can redeem the fishbowl hope i helped! -Fuzzquizzbreeze in AW

    • louisevo says:

      does anyone here know what that fish is in the very left tank

    • megaAbsol says:

      THX !!!!!-Sprinkleinberry :)

  3. huskiesarecute says:

    i have already put my fish on display-Happysingmiddle

  4. huskiesarecute says:

    I’ve caught all fish in AW so i already knew about this-Happysingmiddle

  5. babymuggy says:

    puppy234, you get the bowl by finishing the rarest fish collection. I caught Shark of destiny fish beside Bobbin & sinker. Ruby princess fish at the dock by the sunken ship and Steve is in the river by Karma the Chameleon. Steve is the rarest:) It took 5 minutes to reel him in!!! Good luck!

  6. babymuggy says:

    I would love to see more Aquariums in the game:) A long wall aquarium for 10 fish would be soooooo cool!

  7. baughoo says:

    Hahaha, anyone notice how many e-store points and coins they have? I wish I had that many! lol ~Pixie wooturner~

    • kittiesarecute says:

      Hi Pixie! :) And OMG that’s alot of AW coins and eStore points :O :lol: :lol: :lol: Pixie, I wanna see your golden zing! I haven’t seen one before, till I heard that you got one. Congrats! And the new Curly pet is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! (If you think that I’m saying you won that contest I’m not but Congrats that you got golden zing :D ) ~Sweetilshine~ :mrgreen:

  8. buddydabro8 says:

    Cool! I’ve caught the Skeletuna but I have not gotten the Steve – Gabbleonhome

  9. Iluvsticker says:

    WOW! Is that a taco fish? And a skeletuna? I REALLY want that aquarium!

  10. DuranDuranforever1984 says:

    Hey everyone, this is Brownie and I just made this new account cause’ I got kinda tired of my old one. And about this article, I have several aquariums in my house and I really want to get the Tri-umphiant Aquarium just like the one pictured here. I just need to catch Steve though. ;) Cheers!~Brownie Sparklebuttons x

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