Super Snacks Get Super-Sized!

There’s big news to report from the World Shop! Super Snacks have now been super-sized! That means that all of your favorite Super Snacks will last even longer.

Here’s how it breaks down:


Super Snacks that give you special abilities like Jumping Beans and Speedy Spaghetti will now last for 30 minutes. Now that’s a lot of running and jumping!


Super Snacks that create cool effects like Granola Bars and Storm Shakes will also last for 30 minutes.


Finally, Super Snacks that contain pet food like Bobble Bites and Yodel Yummies will now keep a pet flying by your side for an entire hour!


Go to the World Shop and pick up a Super Snack today!

33 Responses to Super Snacks Get Super-Sized!

  1. megaAbsol says:

    Btw… I want the jumping beans to stay longer like for an hour so you can get out of the limits and go back in and out in and out in and out LOL weird but true. Oh and we should be able to choose how long they stay.Btw again AMAZINGWORLDCS you should have an acount that you can go on for AW because if there is a bully you can report them easy because some people can not report them and then they just get bulled even more oh btw again people sometimes are at there home zone and dissaper so maybe you could make a way for you to see them all the time well thx anyways -Sprinkleinberry :)

    • amazingworldcs says:

      We appreciate your feedback. We have a team of chat monitors constantly overlooking chat, so dont worry, those who are misbehaving will be caught! As for other issues that you have in the game, we encourage users to take screenshots and send an email to so we can look into it!

  2. megaAbsol says:

    Sry but I am not lying :( I would

  3. megaAbsol says:

    -Sprinkleinberry :)

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