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Stayed tuned for an a-MAZIN’ announcement from Amazing World!



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  1. Frostychristmas says:

    OMG finally! I’ve missed playing Mazin Hamsters activities like that! The only Hamster I have though is Petunia and I’ve heard that you can’t register Petunia Hamsters to Mazin World, is this true? And if so, will you make it that more Mazin Hamsters can go on Amazing World soon too? Because this looks fun!

    • PixelTrixTV says:

      Every Mazin Hamster (online-only & plush) is available on Amazing World! :)

    • wellumch says:

      Frostychristmas, I have a Petunia hamster and I was able to put her into Mazin Hamsters when it was around. Also, just for the record, the Coming Soon….. vid shows a halloween monkey (from Amazing World) and another animal that you can buy for estore at the estore shop and at the shop in AW. So technically you don’t need a hamster to play.

  2. PixelTrixTV says:

    Oh my gosh! I knew Mazin Hamsters would make a comeback with AW! I’ve played Amazing World since it began, but to be honest, it’s been getting a little boring lately. However, Mazin’ Hamsters was a huge part of my childhood, and I was so sad to see it closed! This will be a great way to bring more members to Amazing World. Thank you so much!

  3. pandalover10 says:

    OMG, this looks amazing! My childhood memories are coming back to me from the original Mazin’ Hamsters. I can’t wait for this >w< XD

  4. SailorSayonara27 says:

    This looks great, but I’d like to ask: Will the zones such as the Mountain, Forest, and Lagoon zones return as playable worlds? That would really be wonderful if they do :)

    • PixelTrixTV says:

      I really hope so! The lagoon was so beautiful…the mountain totally has Amazing World vibes, and the Medieval one would be PERFECT for role-playing! We could even get new NPCs with more quests! (Hint hint, Ganz!)

  5. MockingbirdInc says:

    YES!! Mazin’ Hamsters is BACK! :D

  6. stefieskates1 says:

    Will Mazin’ Hamsters be coming back to Webkinz too?

  7. BlackBeauty says:

    OMGOSH I need to play again. I miss amazing hamsters so much in ww… why did they have to go :’(

  8. daisiesrus says:

    Wow! I have kinda sorta quit AW because of the crazy lag but this looks fun! :D I’ll be sure to check it out, even though I will most likely hardly be able to move because of lag… XD -Marigold Mosscurtain (BETA player)

  9. Boombotaboom_4 says:

    I really am so excited, but I have a couple questions. #1, will there be that thing where you have three different choices. One was a lagoon, another was like a medieval one with a castle, and one was just nature. #2, will we get to create our own mazes? Please respond, I can’t wait! Thank you

    • wellumch says:

      Not very sure about that Boombotaboom 4,(don’t know how to do that thing in-inbetween the boom and 4) But it would be really awesome if they did! However this shows a “race” that was not in the first Mazin Hamsters, so it looks like Ganz is leaning toward something more like Cosmo only with two players.

  10. frisky123abc says:


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