Important Amazing World News

It is with heavy heart that we must let you know Ganz has decided to shut down the Amazing World web site and mobile application on January 31, 2018. On this date, all Amazing World accounts will be closed, and all account data deleted within 90 days.


Effective immediately, all payment options within Amazing World will be turned off. Players with paid memberships will be credited for any unused portion at the GanzeStore.  eStore points can be used for virtual pets and items in Webkinz World. If you have a code from a purchased Amazing World branded figure or plush, you can also contact customer support to exchange it for a Webkinz virtual pet code (of our choice) until April 30, 2018.


Thank you for being an important part of the Amazing World experience and for your dedication to the online community.  In recognition of your loyalty, we have created two special gifts that can be redeemed on accounts, one for our Amazing World free players and a larger gift for our Amazing World paid members. To ensure that you receive your gift, please associate a Webkinz account with your Amazing World account in your Journal before January 31, 2018.



  1. Click on your Journal, which is the book icon in the top left navigation.
  2. Click “Link Accounts” which is the rightmost, purple button.
  3. Enter your Webkinz user name and password. If you do not have a Webkinz user name, go to and create a free account first.
  4. That’s it! Your accounts will be linked and you will receive your gift box in your Webkinz account dock once they have been distributed on January 31st.


If you have any technical issues setting this up, please contact our customer support team.


Keep on being Amazing. Cheers.

49 Responses to Important Amazing World News

  1. pattyssweetshop says:

    Can you please show me how to do this and where to find it. Thank you

  2. doggiegear82 says:

    Very sad to see the game go, daughter is heartbroken, just put 6 Zings on her account in the last couple weeks. Used quite a few estore points to buy those pets for her. Do we get webkinz pet codes for recently used AW Zing codes or just never used ones?

  3. Fireworm says:

    But you just introduced hamster tunnels to it!

  4. monkeygoal says:

    Do not do it please. Everyone is very sad. Could something be done so that it does not close?

  5. monkeygoal says:

    It is not fair that we are all sad.We buy toys and many of us pay for this. And it is not the same that we reward with gifts in webkinz, although thank you. Please, amazing world is our favorite game. Is the best. We love Amazing World. Please, do it for us and not for the money. I’m going to miss him a lot. To friends, team play, zings, decoration … Or simply make renovations to have more players.But come back. Do your best but do not close.

  6. guamgirl says:

    I’m sorry to see that Amazing World is being shutdown, been playing since 2014. What happens to the estore points in game?

  7. MonkeyHeart173 says:

    I kind of knew this was coming when there was no Candy Drop for Halloween. :( I’ve been working on a series of Amazing World rooms in my Webkinz account, so I won’t be too depressed as long as you enable me to add my zingz to my Webkinz account. I can’t live without my Strawberry Short Cat, Brad, Myra, and Trops zings! If anybody else wants to make an Amazing World room in Webkinz, there’s lots of things you can use. They even have Bloom’s flower swing in Webkinz, except it’s called the hanging flower chair on Webkinz. ;)

  8. pierre says:

    This is one of the saddest news ever !!! To all the friends we have made through AW YOU are all AMAZING and will be missed dearly. You have made this game the best moments in our lives. Good luck to all , hope to see in futur games xox Cuddle and Coal

  9. appleblossomrose says:

    Will estore points in the Aw game account be transferred to our estore account?

  10. Trustistir says:

    WHY??? Please dont shut down AMAZING WORLD it is the cutes game ever, and we all are losing FRIENDS!!!!

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